Grand money definition

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grand money definition

This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of GRAND is. The slang word RACKS, Money (in thousands). Other terms relating to. The use of “ grand ” to mean “one thousand dollars” does indeed still in use, for specific denominations of bills (or that amount of money). I would think that you could use " grand " with any currency -- the word simply means "thousand." Thus: How many rubles did you have to pay for.


Functions of money Brass Razoo on September 18, 1: The pound note is just an IOU. Comes from when coins could be split into quarters so minecraft kaufen ps3 weights could be measured. I deeply appreciate the erudition and energy of our commenters. The Grand Watermellon was a 1, dollar bill that was sold for well over 2 million for its special print to a collector. J Rice on May 29, 6:

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Keno machine tricks JavaScript must be enabled to vote. Please support The Word Detective and see each issue much sooner by Subscribing. Translation of grand for Arabic speakers. Tom Good reports that he's also heard the phrase "Dead Brazilian" used, as in "I pulled a dead Brazilian out of me sky rocket"]. Benjamin Preston says that this one derives from the fact that the Commodores sang "Three Times a Lady" Lady Godiva - fiver. A grand staircase leads to the second floor. He bought a used car for about five grand.
grand money definition


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